Product specifications

Components Engine Business 6


Components Engine 6: Business Edition

The Business Edition of Components Engine allows you to:

  • Import and modify drawings in raster (JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG, BMP) and vector (DXF, DWG, WMF, PDF) formats;
  • Import, edit, and update parts list data in .txt format;
  • Import drawings and parts lists (in .txt format) directly from pc directory folders;
  • Define the catalogue parts list structure by enabling text, numerical, html, image, document, price, and quantity fields, etc.;
  • Manage the product tree index with neither vertical nor horizontal limits;
  • Use custom product icons in the catalogue tree index;
  • Automatically recognize and create mouse-sensitive text in vector drawings;
  • Automatically add Hotspots to raster drawings ("Balloons" feature);
  • Automatically link numerical drawing references with corresponding parts list data;
  • Create multi-language catalogues (Components Engine is able to manage up to 22 languages simultaneously, including languages with non-Latin fonts: Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.);
  • Create multi-market catalogues (Components Engine is able to manage up to 22 markets simultaneously);
  • Create multimedia catalogues (by attaching files to your project in any format: documents, photos, video clips, etc.);  
  • Use the Components Engine complete graphics editor to group objects and text, add geometric shapes and text, zoom in/out, resize pages, etc.;
  • Filter product search results by serial number, validity date, etc.;
  • Create and manage User Data Records and Groups;
  • Protect your catalogues with various levels of user access;
  • Open all CEP project files in exclusive mode;
  • Manage recommended codes;
  • Publish unlimited offline catalogues;
  • Browse offline catalogues with the free Components Engine Viewer and send orders by e-mail or fax;
  • Personalize the Viewer layout for offline spare parts catalogue browsing;
  • Use the Print Extension feature to create catalogue hardcopy print layouts. Create infinite graphic layouts, generate PDF pages, as well as printed catalogues;
  • Publish online projects with SVG/SWF/JPG/BMP drawing formats;
  • Personalize the layout of catalogues published on the web;
  • Send web orders by e-mail or fax.

Components Engine Business Edition includes:

  • Add-in: Custom Viewer Settings;
  • Add-in: Custom Web Layout Settings;
  • Add-in: Raster drawing Hotspot Recognition (OCR);
  • Add-in: User Profile management;
  • Add-in: Discount management;
  • Add-in: Additional Costs management;
  • Add-in: Kit/Multi-code management;
  • Add-in: PDF/EPS file Import;
  • Add-in: Replacement Components;   
  • Add-in: Update management;
  • Add-in: SVG/SWF Drawing Publication;
  • Add-in: Multi-level Bill of Materials Import;
  • Add-in: Simultaneous User Access;
  • Add-in: Spare parts Index.

Publication of web catalogues (with the exception of catalogues hosted on Components Engine servers) requires the purchase and installation of "Web Extension Server".

System requirements for Components Engine Editor (Tool to create the spare parts catalogues):
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10;
I3 processor;
16x CD/DVD-ROM drive;
1 GB RAM (2GB recommended);
250 MB available Hard Disk space;
800x600 screen resolution, with 65k colors;
Dedicated USB drive.
System requirements for Components Engine Viewer (Viewer to browse the offline catalogues):
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10;
I3 processor;
250 MB RAM;
100 MB available Hard Disk space;
800x600 screen resolution, with 65k colors.
(VAT not included €) : By request