Customized solutions for
your after-sales service

We work closely with our customers as the main goal of Components Engine is to meet the needs of all the companies which come to us.
We support companies with a new generation of solutions implemented with the latest technologies capable of significantly improve the management of after-sales.
In our webinars we will present the entire range of our products:
  • Components Engine IPC: the all-in-one software for creating 2D and 3D interactive parts catalogs;
  • Components Engine Claims: the online platform to handle intervention reports;
  • Components Engine Plus: the service portal for sharing documentation and information;
  • Integration Landscape: the turnkey service for integrating our products with your company's information system.
Our solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, simplify your service management processes and increase your after-sales profitability.
The webinar is intended for companies which are looking for cutting-edge solutions to improve the management of all the processes related to the after-sales: from the sale of spare parts online, to the management of maintenance and warranty interventions; from communication between service, maintenance and end customers, to the management of all the documentation.  All perfectly synchronized with the company's information systems.
We have a solution for all your needs!
  • More dates coming soon!
Mario Mecca
Sales Director
Mario, our Sales Director since 2006, thanks to his experience, he is able to understand the company’s needs and propose the right solutions with the aim to gain customer trust and confidence.
Katja Sartini
Export Sales Manager
Katja has been our sales manager for the German-speaking market for the last 5 years. Thanks to her listening skills, she is the perfect resource to build long-lasting relationships with customers.
Francesco Baldiserri
International Technical Support
Francesco, as well as being specialised in customer service and support, he is also our main point of contact for the Components Engine Editor.
Samuele Fabbri
Technical Support Specialist
Samuele deals with customer support at 360 degrees, thanks to his solid professional experience he specializes in claims warranty and tickets.
Flavio Rondini
Integration Specialist
Flavio is our main point of contact for the integrations between the Components Engine software and the company’s information systems, thanks to his problem-solving skills he is a key resource.
Elisa Stefanini
Project Manager
Elisa is our software operations specialist. Her areas of expertise are the 3D parts catalogs and serial number management.

(GMT +02:00): Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm