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Why should you outsource your parts catalogues?

Outsourcing is an agreement whereby a company entrusts an external firm with some of the services that were traditionally carried out in-house.
In the past the parts catalogue management was a simple process and even an outdated pdf catalogue was sufficient as all the parts orders were received via phone.
With the digital revolution everything has changed: speed, information availability, data accuracy, integration among different systems require the generation and the update of the spare parts catalogue in a very short time.

What are the solutions?

There are two options to keep up your parts catalogues with the times: expand the after-sales team or hire external consultants. Expanding the after-sales team requires the hiring of new people, training and equipping them with the necessary tools to create an effective online parts ordering system in the shortest possible time.
As well as it’s expensive, this solution can’t guarantee a quick and reliable return on investment, as the new staff might not fully understand the company's needs.

Why should you choose Components Engine?

Components Engine has been developing products and providing services to manage the spare parts catalogues for over 20 years.
Over the years, more than 500 companies of different sectors have chosen to rely on the expertise and reliability of Components Engine. After a deep analysis of the technical documentation, the team of Components Engine will suggest you the best option to handle the spare parts catalogues of your company.

What are the advantages of outsourcing the parts catalogue creation to Components Engine?

  • Experience and quality: the spare parts management requires a range of knowledge that is difficult to acquire well in a short time. By outsourcing this task to Components Engine you will get a professional job carried out by a highly qualified team with a wide experience in this field.
  • Components Engine guarantees a professional and strategical job thanks to a highly qualified and experienced team;
  • Save money: outsource the parts catalogue creation is more cost-effective than hiring and training new people to do this task.
  • Continuous Updating: Components Engine dedicates a large part of its resources to professional updating on the most important innovations in this fields with the aim to keep up its interactive parts catalogues with the times.


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