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Caffini S.p.A.

The interactive parts catalogue of Caffini S.p.A., a leading company in the industry of machinery for crops protection, is now available online.

Before adopting Components Engine, Caffini S.p.A. already had a software to create its interactive parts catalogues that over time has become obsolete and unable to adapt to new technologies.

Thanks to its in-house team of programmers and a wide experience with companies involved in different sectors, Components Engine has immediately meet Caffini's requirements and found the best option to suit its needs by implementing an innovative online parts catalogue, available 24/7 and compatible with the most adavanced technologies in terms of data uploading and catalogue navigation. The parts catalogues created through the Components Engine software can be published over the web in .svg format and can be consulted with any browser available on the market (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari...). Besides the parts catalogues are also available for mobile devices (either iOS and Android).

Parts inventory system

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