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ProAll International Manufacturing Inc. has published its interactive parts catalog over the web.
ProAll is one of the most important manufacturer of mobile concrete mixers.
In a very short time, thanks to Components Engine, ProAll has created a digital spare parts catalog of its products which is now available online. ProAll's customers can now benefit from an effective and user-friendly online parts ordering system. This has allowed the company to receive precise and error-free parts orders.

Before adopting the Components Engine software, ProAll used a program to create interactive parts catalog, but with no option to generate the hardcopy format catalog. The PDF catalog was a must-have for ProAll's customers and field technicians as the internet connection and consequently the online parts catalog were not always available in remote areas.

Thanks to the editor of Components Engine, Proall can easily convert its exploded views into interactive drawings and generate digital parts catalogs on the web with the option to create different templates for the hardcopy format catalog. ProAll's parts catalogs are now available 24/7 from any browsers and mobile devices and they also allow catalog users to save a PDF printable version of the illustrated parts catalog.

Have a look at ProAll parts catalog!


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