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Marcrest Manufacturing

Marcrest Manufacturing is a Canadian brand with extensive experience in providing innovative solutions in agricultural mechanization.
Marcrest is a recognized manufacturer of machinery for farmers, specializing in creating efficient systems that optimize work in the fields.
Focusing primarily on the manufacture of equipment for the rapid and efficient handling of hay bales, the company is distinguished by its long experience in the industry and its commitment to precision and attention to detail in its solutions.
More and more hay producers are recognizing the value of Marcrest's full range of equipment, which offers adequate tools to stay ahead of industry challenges.
To make their services more accessible and user-friendly, the Canadian company has created an online portal dedicated to spare parts, directly accessible from their website. This portal is designed to make it easier for customers, suppliers and agricultural professionals to easily locate the parts they need for their operations.
The improvements in after-sales services found by Marcrest, combined with the benefits offered to customers through the interactive catalog developed in collaboration with Components Engine, are numerous:
  • Universal access: the catalog is available to anyone who visits the Marcrest website, providing immediate and intuitive access to information about available components;
  • Simplified navigation: with an organized structure and intuitive search tools, users can easily explore the online portal, quickly locating products of interest to them;
  • Continuous updates: the portal is constantly updated to reflect real-time product availability, ensuring accuracy of information;
  • Environmental sustainability: digitization reduces the need to print and distribute physical catalogs, contributing to a reduced environmental impact.
The creation of a parts platform demonstrates Marcrest's commitment to providing a clear and accessible experience for its customers, highlighting their commitment to digital innovation and meeting farmers' needs.

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