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Xo Care

Xo Care was founded in 1951 with the aim of creating functional, state-of-the-art dental solutions by combining experience and innovative ideas with advanced technology.
Xo Care is a renowned dental care company known for its dedication to innovation and excellence in providing high-quality dental equipment. Founded with the aim of improving the efficiency of dental care worldwide, the Danish brand has earned a solid reputation as a provider of state-of-the-art solutions.
To provide an even more comprehensive service to its customers and simplify the search for spare parts for dental equipment, Xo Care has developed an interactive parts catalogue. The catalogue has been created to facilitate the selection of parts required for the maintenance and repair of dental equipment.
To remain competitive in the digital age, it is necessary to choose advanced solutions such as those offered by Components Engine, which is why Xo Care has digitised its catalogues containing exploded drawings and bills of materials for its products.
Digitisation is a step towards optimising the management of spare parts for dental equipment:
  • the interactive catalogue provides quick and intuitive access to parts information, allowing technicians and dental professionals to easily find what they need;
  • thanks to this solution, the time needed to locate and order spare parts is significantly reduced, improving the operational efficiency of dental clinics;
  • the online portal is designed to be easily updated, ensuring that spare parts data are always relevant.
The Xo Care spare parts platform represents a further commitment by the company to provide high-quality services to dental care professionals. This solution enables innovative after-sales management, thus improving the overall quality of dental care offered by clinics using Xo Care equipment.

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