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Founded in 1963, Mantovanibenne is a company from Modena specialising in construction, demolition and earthmoving equipment.
Today, Mantovanibenne is part of the multinational MBI group and drives progress towards future equipment. In fact, MBI-branded crushers, grapples and shears are recognised and appreciated worldwide.
The company has always been able to renew and change both equipment and working methods for the better. This ability is also reflected in the optimised management of spare part codes and inventory, as well as the implementation of an effective interface for the ever-growing global supplier and dealer network.
Achieving this level of system integration and optimisation was possible thanks to the collaboration between Mantovanibenne and Components Engine. The company was provided with an interactive spare parts catalogue that is easy to update and fully integrated with the company's management systems.
Thanks to the online portal, the company is kept up-to-date on the spare parts in stock and the status of availability in relation to issued orders.
The goals achieved by Mantovanibenne with this solution are:
  • Improved planning of production, distribution and delivery of orders;
  • Minimisation of obsolete stock thanks to a clear view of stocks;
  • Improved quality due to accurate code management;
  • Easy entry of new codes into the system thanks to the user-friendly interface.
Finally, optimal management of the stock, spare parts and availability also facilitates communication, exchanges and negotiations with the network and suppliers.

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