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A meeting with the experts from the Components Engine Academy: does the software also handle 3D models?
3D is definitely the future of parts management: in addition to offering an immersive navigation experience, it is simpler and more intuitive.
In addition to the classic 2D functionalities, this type of catalogue also offers rotating, zooming and exploding the model to select parts, add them to the cart and place an order.
In addition, the use of 3D files in interactive parts catalogues saves time and resources, as the generation of 2D exploded drawings is no longer necessary.
However, 3D models are as fascinating as they are complex to manage, which is why we interviewed Irina, an expert at the Academy.
Irina told us that the Components Engine Editor makes it easy to import different types of 3D files, and allows you to visualise their structure.
Although this may sound like a complicated process, it is actually a piece of cake! To learn how to handle 3D technology, you can attend next week's webinar.
Components Engine always has a solution. If you want to join the Components Engine Academy expert webinars, sign up now through this link!

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