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Meeting with the experts from the Components Engine Academy: Is it possible to align the parts portal with the company's style?
To find out if Components Engine allows you to customise the layout of the interactive spare parts catalogue, we interviewed one of the software specialists.
Irina, a technical expert, told us that the layout is completely customisable: from the logo to the way the site is displayed, from icons to the colouring of texts, buttons and more.
The main advantage of customising one's own parts platform is to make it user-friendly, engaging and immediately recognisable to the end customer.
But that's not all... the e-commerce created with Components Engine is innovative and responsive, so it can be navigated from any mobile device and browser.
Thanks to Elisa and Irina, we found out that next week there will be a webinar showing how to change the layout of the parts catalogue: it's really easy and affordable for everyone!
Components Engine always has a solution. If you want to join the Components Engine Academy expert webinars, sign up now through this link!

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