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Rennergy Systems AG

Founded in 2000, Rennergy Systems AG provides comprehensive systems that bring together all the stakeholders involved in heating, from manufacturers to plant builders, from technicians to end-users.
Rennergy places great importance on quality and innovation, which is why they have chosen Components Engine for their spare parts management and after-sales service.
Rennergy Systems AG is headquartered in Buchenberg, in the Allgäu region, but has numerous representatives throughout southern Germany. These heating system construction companies Rennergy’s partners, which offers them complete systems and all individual components from its product range.
The brand is renowned for its extensive experience and high-quality products in the field of renewable energy technology. Tailored system solutions are highly appreciated by building owners, designers, and architects involved in new constructions and renovations.
The German company understands the importance of sustainable energy supply: Rennergy's products are based on cutting-edge technology, enabling customers to make their heating and energy supply systems efficient.
Components Engine takes pride in partnering with companies such as Rennergy, committed to investing in renewable and sustainable energy solutions. We have developed a tailored, interactive online portal that provides comprehensive component information and offers an intuitive, user-friendly experience for spare part searching and ordering.

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