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Adiatek was founded in 2003 from the passion of people that for decades have lent their work to the development of floor-cleaning machines.
Adiatek has been a benchmark for people's well-being and the environment for 20 years. It manufactures high-efficiency floor-cleaning machines with an inspired design completely Made in Italy, guaranteeing top-quality products.
To honor the high level of its products, Adiatek decided to provide its customers with an equally effective after-sales service by choosing Components Engine. This collaboration made it possible to create an interactive online spare parts platform, which immediately made customers enthusiastic.
The company, together with its customers, is constantly looking for a respectful and confident relationship in order to grant quality, reliability, and constant service. Adiatek’s main goal is to offer professional and industrial floor-cleaning machines in order to grow in an increasingly demanding and competitive market.
The brand is appreciated for its great quality in more than thirty countries around the world. The design of Adiatek scrubbers allows professionals to clean with maximum functionality, optimizing time and consumption. The strengths that guarantee success are:
  • The team that constantly works on model innovation;
  • The consultancy to choose the most suitable product for each customer;
  • The study to customize floor scrubbers according to each customer’s needs;
  • The Customer Service that encourages the training of technicians and dealers.
Therefore, to optimize its after-sales and customer care, Adiatek chose to digitize its spare parts catalogs, creating an online portal that customers can navigate independently to purchase the spare parts they need.
Thanks to the solution proposed by Components Engine, Adiatek's customer service is now worthy of its products. The result immediately garnered positive feedback from customers - they were impressed at how easy and efficient it is to search for spare parts, add them to the shopping cart, and process the order without errors.

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