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Steinemann Technology AG. has been manufacturing sanding machinery for the panel industry since 1917, achieving outstanding results such as a turnover of about 40 million Euros and a strong presence in 42 countries.
The “New Frontier of Business” involves offering no longer just mere physical products or services, but rather a sensory experience. Knowing how to take advantage of this trend to further consolidate its reality is one of the strategic levers adopted by the Swiss company Steinemann Technology AG.: since 1917, it has been manufacturing sanding machinery for the panel industry pursuing quality, safety, and efficiency excellence.
Components Engine met STEINEMANN Technology's requirements by developing an interactive digital catalog with the following features:
  • the possibility of using SVG files for drawings and multilevel spare parts lists to build the structure of the catalog itself;
  • use of 3D exploded assemblies, which can be explored in all their parts and are very similar to the actual item.
  • drawings searchable both online in any browser and offline;
  • sending customized order summary e-mails, which are managed directly in the company’s ERP system.
Components Engine's interactive spare parts catalog made it easier for the user to find the spare part and immediately figure out if it was the correct one, dramatically reducing the error rate in identifying spare parts and thus the risk of returns.
This is why Steinemann has chosen to entrust the management of its spare parts catalog to Components Engine: to digitize its business, to have customized and highly responsive solutions, and to optimize the information flow through all company management systems.
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