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Minerva Omega Group

Minerva Omega Group s.r.l. is an Italian and worldwide reference for the design and production of meat and other food processing machines and systems.
La Minerva was founded in 1945 in Bologna by Mario Chiodini. In the following decades, Mario and the following new generations were able to transform the small family-run company into a highly industrialized and automated reality, capable of gaining major market shares around the world.
Over the years, well-known historical brands of the Italian industrial scene were acquired, including Omega CEG: founded in 1928 in the province of Varese under the company name "Giuseppe Ambrosetti", it represents Italian excellence in the manufacture of balances and slicers.
Today's international reputation of Minerva Omega Group is further strengthened by a modern and efficient management system. It also boasts one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market and a consolidated client portfolio with a presence in every food sector with large wholesalers and retailers in every country. This is complemented by first-class customer service and technical support.
All-Italian excellence in the industry, the company's flagship is its design and development department of new models, investing strongly in equipment and automated production lines for endless growth and development. The company’s strengths include:
  • Quality: the result of the work and commitment of employees and collaborators;
  • Made in Italy: production defended and sustained with all its strength, despite difficulties and low-cost competition from Asian countries.
Excellence, expertise, and quality are indispensable values for the Italian company, requirements that Components Engine also adopts as a model and starting point for its services: this is why a collaboration was born between the two realities that, as an end result, gave birth to an interactive spare parts catalog that allows Minerva Omega Group customers to conveniently purchase spare parts.

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