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Malwa Forest AB

Malwa Forest AB is a fast-growing Swedish company that produces machines for modern, environmentally friendly forest management.
Malwa Forest AB was founded in 2009 in Sweden. Today it is the Swedish market leader in the production of forest management machinery: it designs and manufactures efficient and compact forest machines for modern, environmentally friendly forest management.
The Malwa brand produces professional felling, thinning and combination machines that move between forest trees without causing damage to the soil and the environment.
Malwa Forest was born out of a desire to manage forests with the utmost respect for the environment, and by listening to the needs of potential customers. By combining productivity and gentleness, respecting the ecosystem and minimising ecological impact, the company is moving closer to its goal of building the most optimised thinning machines in the world.
Big in technology and performance, compact in the forest: every Malwa that leaves the factory is the result of close collaboration and dialogue with the customer. This is the reason why the company chose to rely on Components Engine, with whom it collaborated to create an interactive parts catalogue to meet the needs of buyers.
Distributors who need to purchase Malwa spare parts can conveniently browse the online catalogue from any mobile device, and select the spare parts they need with one click, and proceed with their purchase in a few simple steps.

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