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The intervention report becomes electronic!

One of the most common problems that manufacturing companies face is the one of not being able to manage communication with their dealers and service centers.
To overcome this problem, all the work carried out by technicians must be properly specified on an intervention report.
For this reason, Components Engine has created Components Engine Claims, its new online portal for manging maintenance and warranty claims, which connects manufacturer, dealer, and service centers, enabling cost reduction and real improvement in after-sales service quality.
The maintenance technician, after performing a service or warranty intervention, by logging in with his username and password to his dedicated area of Components Engine Claims, can fill in the Intervention report.
The report contains several sections, which can be fully configured according to the needs of the manufacturing company: the Client Database, with pre-filled company and serial number data; the Intervention Detail, where you can upload the report of the problem encountered with the related photos, documents and videos; and the Labour Time section, with the data needed to calculate the expense refund to the technician. In addition, Components Engine Claims can be linked to the online spare parts catalog, so you can add the parts replaced under warranty for a given serial number.

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