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Roter Italia S.r.l.

Components Engine has established itself as the most popular software amongst agricultural machinery manufacturers. Roter Italia too has created its interactive parts catalogue through Components Engine.
The entire Roter Italia production is settled in Italy and it’s distributed by the brand FORIGO. The production is split into two lines:
  1. Classic line concerning the agricultural sector: power arrow, rotary tillers, shredders, leaf toppers;
  2. Special line concerning the horticoltural sector, gardening and specialty crops: stone burier, bed former, polyformer, ridger, mulching machines and sterilizers for the application liquid or solid fumigants products into the soil.
Roter Italia has adopted Components Engine to create and share its spare parts catalogue over the web. The parts catalogue generated through Components Engine allows Roter Italia to receive and manage parts orders from its distributors across the world. Thanks to the serial number management, Roter Italia's distributors can only see the catalog information of the product they have purchased in order to drastically reduce parts ordering errors and delivery time as well as insure a successful parts purchasing experience.

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