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ÖkoFEN is an internationally successful company specializing in the development and production of pellet heating systems that has over 180,000 installed systems in 21 countries worldwide.
A company pioneering innovative solutions establishes the groundwork for sustainable growth. This not only enhances its market presence but also extends the reach of its solutions to new contexts.
ÖkoFEN, a company of global significance with diverse channels, resources, cultures, and languages, encountered the challenge of managing technical documentation. Given that effective documentation management is a cornerstone for efficient administration, it's vital that employees seamlessly update, retrieve, and share documents.
Efficient document management is crucial for centralization, organization, and sharing. That’s why ÖkoFEN chose to collaborate with Components Engine to optimize these processes, aiming for outstanding and effective outcomes.
Components Engine directed its efforts toward crafting a tailored solution that aligns with the company's needs, delivering the following benefits:
  • A simple and user-friendly interface accessible to all operators;
  • Swift retrieval of documents with real-time availability;
  • Data security, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access the documentation;
  • Expedited sharing of documents with both internal and external users;
  • Prompt registration of documents by users.
With Components Engine PLUS, the solution for document management, ÖkoFEN has efficiently streamlined its daily administrative processes and systems, paving the way for natural and organic growth.

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