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The Connectors, the midfielders of Components Engine

Midfielders are crucial on any soccer team. In the Components Engine's team, the midfield is covered by Connectors.
In soccer, the role of a midfielder is to connect the defense and the attack, distant sectors that otherwise would not be able to communicate. In the Components Engine team, the midfield role is held by Connectors.
With Connectors, the spare parts catalog can be integrated with business information systems such as ERP, CRM, and e-commerce, and data can be managed efficiently, in real-time, and in a single environment. Connectors enable you to:
  • share information efficiently;
  • manage data instantly;
  • always keep information uniform, up-to-date, and correct.
There are four connectors in Components Engine:
  • SSO Connector: it allows access to the online parts catalog with the same credentials used to navigate your company's website;
  • E-COMMERCE Connector: the company’s e-commerce system can be integrated with the parts catalog, preventing delayed shipments, out-of-stock orders, or incorrectly priced items;
  • PARTS LIST Connector: the real-time integration between the management system and Components Engine allows data exchange between these two environments. This way, you can import descriptions, translations, prices, and quantities and manage orders and quotation requests;
  • FULL INTEGRATION Connector: a single connector that encloses the functionality of all the previous-mentioned ones: SSO, E-commerce, and Parts List Connector.
Components Engine's connectors are designed for companies that work with large amounts of data and may need to synchronize the online parts catalog with their business information systems.

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