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A nice talk with our customers

EIMA International gave us a chance to shake hands and meet our customers in person!
At EIMA International we had the pleasure of shaking hands with:
  • Cristian Scaglioni - IT Manager & Customer Care Service Dpt. Manager at Ocmis Irrigazione, a leading manufacturer of hose reels, spray booms, pumps, and Pivot systems.
  • Riccardo Tuozzo – Technical Office & Engineering Manager at Fini Compressors, whose compressors are known worldwide for their high quality and reliability standards.
  • Simone Drera - Vice President of Business Development at Flexxaire, a leading developer of variable pitch fan technology.
Thank you all for stopping by and visit us at our stand!
Mario Mecca & Cristian  Scaglioni
Flavio Rondini & Mario Mecca & Riccardo Tuozzo
Mario Mecca & Simone Drera 

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