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CZM Foundation Equipment

CZM is a leader in the foundation drilling industry, offering a comprehensive line of machines engineered for every foundation.
With a highly skilled team, CZM has been providing state-of-the-art solutions for the development and improvement of the finest and broadest line of Made-in-the-USA foundation equipment since 1976. CZM’s machines are commonly used in general construction, transmission lines, utilities, landfill, and oil and gas.
Situated outside of Savannah, Georgia, the company has established a massive new plant, home to its North American headquarters, which will expand further by doubling its footprint this year. In addition to its headquarters, CZM has factories in Italy and Brazil as well as branches in Georgia and Texas and service centers in California and Pennsylvania.
With its customer-oriented philosophy, the company offers the best after-sales service in the market. It has a huge inventory of parts, a skilled team of field technicians, and a group of technical support specialists that can help customers troubleshoot any issues 24/7.
CZM machines are equipped with a cutting-edge Telematic System that allows remote access to the main computer to resolve any faults. Thanks to the customer-oriented philosophy, CZM Field Technicians are the best in the industry and provide a level of expertise that is unsurpassed.
CZM has collaborated with Components Engine to develop an online platform for spare parts, resulting in significant improvements to the company’s after-sales service. CZM ensures that spare parts are consistently available in stock, empowering customers to independently make purchases through the interactive online catalog, thus reducing downtime on construction sites.
The web portal, accessible from any device and browser, allows the customer to browse the exploded views of each component, add parts to the shopping cart with one click, and quickly proceed with ordering them. In addition, the customised interface with the brand's style and colours makes consulting the catalogue intuitive and appealing.

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