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Digital Sharing

On 15 May, the Digital Sharing event took place in the Rocca Sveva in Soave, bringing together manufacturing professionals to explore the latest digitisation and after-sales management innovations.
On May 15th, Components Engine hosted the Digital Sharing event in the picturesque setting of Rocca Sveva. This gathering brought together professionals and enthusiasts from the manufacturing sector to explore the latest innovations in digitization and after-sales management.
The event featured a series of presentations focusing on key topics such as strategies to optimize after-sales services, the use of artificial intelligence to improve business process efficiency, and the new frontiers of interactive 3D catalogs.
We had the pleasure of listening to the following speakers:
  • Cristian Scaglioni, After Sales Manager at Ocmis Irrigazione S.p.A.
  • David Pretotto, Technical Documentation Manager at Galdi S.r.l.
  • Enrico Cattaneo, Editor in Chief of MIT Technology Review Italy and Director Advisory Italy & Central Europe at Opinno
  • Matteo Borghi, Senior Technical Editor at Annovi Reverberi S.p.A.
  • Matteo Bergami, Technical Documentation Manager at Fava S.p.A.
Alongside these experts, we had the after-sales professionals from Components Engine:
  • Mario Mecca and Elisa Giorgi, from the sales department, with deep experience in meeting customer needs and extensive knowledge of the manufacturing sector;
  • Elisa Stefanini and Francesco Baldiserri, from the technical department, two experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the solutions offered by Components Engine.
Participants had the opportunity to interact with industry experts, share experiences and discover innovative solutions to improve the services they offer to their customers. The event concluded with a networking session, allowing attendees to forge new professional connections and discuss ideas that emerged during the day.
We thank everyone for making Digital Sharing an unforgettable event!

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