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Digital Sharing

We are excited to introduce the after-sales experts who will take part in the Digital Sharing Event on May 15th at Rocca Sveva.
We are pleased to announce the four moderators who will accompany the presentations of expert speakers during the Digital Sharing event dedicated to new business models. These moderators are leading figures within Components Engine, with extensive experience in the field of aftermarket.
Mario Mecca and Elisa Giorgi are two pillars of the sales department, with a deep understanding of customer needs and best practices in the industry. Their expertise and passion for customer service will ensure an engaging experience for all participants.
From the technical department, we enthusiastically welcome Elisa Stefanini and Francesco Baldiserri, two excellent professionals with extensive knowledge of the technical solutions offered by Components Engine. Their experience and ability to communicate clearly and effectively will make the discussion sessions even more informative and interesting.
Moderators will work closely with speakers from the four leading Italian companies, creating a collaborative and interactive environment that will foster the exchange of ideas and mutual learning:
  • Cristian Scaglioni - After-sales manager at Ocmis Irrigazione S.p.A.
  • David Pretotto - Responsible for technical documentation at Galdi S.r.l.
  • Matteo Borghi - Senior technical editor of Annovi Reverberi S.p.A.
  • Matteo Bergami - Responsible for technical documentation at Fava S.p.A.
We look forward to welcoming all participants to the Digital Sharing event and sharing knowledge and success stories to further improve after-sales services and customer experience.

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