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Danuser Machine Company

Danuser is a manufacturing company founded in 1910 that, with a wide variety of production technologies, strives to remain the benchmark in each division.
Danuser Machine Company was founded more than 100 years ago as a family-owned machine shop in Fulton, Missouri. By combining experience and innovation, the company is now able to produce a wide range of products, both OEM (original equipment manufacturer), industrial and agricultural equipment, and rifle and carbine devices.
The brand's goal is to work closely with customers from start to finish to ensure pre-sales and after-sales service that meets or exceeds their expectations. Components Engine has been working to optimize customer service, leading Danuser to implement a digital transformation on how parts are managed.
The partnership between the two companies has resulted in a modern e-commerce, accessible directly from Danuser's website, through which customers can conveniently browse the interactive catalog, search for part numbers and purchase the parts they need, as well as download all related documentation and assembly manuals. 
Danuser's OEM division was established in the early 1950s by the Danuser Machine Company. The niche of the OEM division deals with the production of ball joints. In addition to these currently various OEM custom parts and assemblies are produced, which are used in various sectors, such as agriculture and gardening, and construction and industrial sectors.
These products are manufactured in-house using the latest CNC (computer numerical control) machining technologies and equipment, such as cutting, fabrication, robotic welding, and powder coating. These capabilities are combined with a strong engineering presence to be able to produce high-quality, reliable and durable components for customers.
Components Engine works alongside manufacturing companies like Danuser to improve quality and innovate their after-sales service, both in terms of creating interactive parts catalogs and managing documentation and technical support on machinery.

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