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Digital Sharing

Join us to discover which companies will be participating in our Revolutionary debate on new digital business models!
Are you prepared to explore top manufacturing companies sharing their direct experiences at our event?
Here are four companies that overcame challenges by embracing digital solutions. This strategy set them apart from competitors, expanded their global reach, and significantly boosted their profits:
  • OCMIS IRRIGAZIONE: Leading provider of cutting-edge agricultural irrigation solutions, renowned both in Italy and internationally;
  • GALDI: Distinguished Italian manufacturer of liquid packaging machinery, boasting a worldwide footprint;
  • ANNOVI REVERBERI: Globally recognized leader in pump manufacturing and cleaning solutions;
  • FAVA PASTA EQUIPMENT: Highly regarded both domestically and internationally for its pasta plant systems, fueled by ongoing research and development efforts.
Digital Sharing will take place on May 15, 2024, at the charming Rocca Sveva venue in the province of Verona. The event is free and tailored specifically for manufacturing sector professionals and entrepreneurs. However, seating is limited! Secure your place today to take advantage of this opportunity!
Visit the website for full details and registration.
Join us to hear firsthand stories from companies adapting to the Digital Revolution, uncover emerging market trends, and share your own experiences with our aftersales experts!

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