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Founded in 1963, Edilkamin&Co. proudly possesses 60 years of expertise, standing as a frontrunner in biomass home heating systems throughout Europe.
Edilkamin&Co. has a widespread network of dealers and service centers throughout the country, effectively exporting advanced technologies, designs, and solutions to more than 40 countries. This aligns with the changing demands of modern living.
To efficiently oversee the extensive network and diverse product range that undergoes continuous updates, Edilkamin sought out Components Engine. The aim was to implement their solutions for developing an interactive spare parts catalog, encompassing functionalities for order and quote management.
This partnership brings several advantages to the client:
  • An Editor used to import drawings, make them interactive and link them with their BOMs;
  • Thanks to a cutting-edge and user-friendly database, information updates are swift and straightforward;
  • The online catalog is accessible 24/7 from any browser and device;
  • Clients can effortlessly input all necessary details for spare parts orders, ensuring requests for orders or quotes are equipped with the required information;
  • Catalogs and interfaces are available in multiple languages, supporting operational activities for both the team and clients across all countries where Edilkamin operates;
  • Clients benefit from a catalog filter system that enables quick and easy addition of parts to the cart, enhancing the overall user experience.
The positive outcomes mentioned above, stemming from the longlasting partnership between Edilkamin and Components Engine, have notably enhanced the team's responsiveness and the effectiveness of order processing. This has resulted in a substantial reduction in errors during the ordering process.
Choosing a swift, efficient system that is user-friendly is a smart move. This not only ensures a thriving business but also enhances customer engagement and loyalty, thus boosting satisfaction.

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