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Caffini Spa

Caffini has chosen to exceed its customers' expectations!
Founded in 1924 in the province of Verona, Caffini Spa stands among the best brands in the crop protection machinery sector, boasting a century of experience.
The company has embraced the digital era by selecting Components Engine's software to create an interactive online spare parts catalog, meeting and surpassing the needs of its customers.
Thanks to this collaboration, Caffini now has a user-friendly online store. It includes detailed exploded drawings of its machines, making it easy for customers to buy specific parts. Components Engine's digital solution takes the catalog browsing experience to a whole new level.
Now, with just a few clicks, customers can easily and intuitively browse through Caffini's products. The interactive platform provides accurate, real-time information and a complete overview of products, making it fast and easy to search for and identify spare parts.
Caffini has embraced the industry's digital evolution, showing how convenient and efficient their new catalog created with Components Engine is. Digitization is the future of after-sales service!

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