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With a desire to provide innovation in long load handling solutions, Combilift has been the largest global manufacturer of multi-directional forklifts since 1998.
When a company's core business involves high customization of the product range, every single process must be efficient. This is because customization exponentially increases the number of variables to be managed.
In such a context, control of information and speed of update and action can really make a difference, not only to satisfy the customer but also to stay competitive in the market.
Components Engine witnessed this firsthand when we were involved in a major project with Combilift, the largest global manufacturer of multi-directional forklifts exporting to more than 85 countries and with more than 60,000 trucks in use worldwide. As a consequence of high volumes and customization, global presence, and a very wide range of stakeholders to manage, the company began to experience several issues in parts order management, such as:
  • spare parts purchasing process was perceived as slow and not user-friendly by the end customer;
  • difficulties in updating codes and price lists;
  • misunderstandings in the shipment of orders.
To cope with the customer's requirements, we acted on several aspects:
  1. The interactive spare parts catalog has been integrated with the company’s ERP system. Thanks to this integration, price lists and technical documentation for each part number update in real-time, and each spare part has been associated with very easy-to-browse 3D exploded views This way, the company can always provide accurate information, and the end customer can easily identify the spare part he needs to purchase;
  2. The "sales network management" feature has been configurated: in this way, Combilift customers are associated with a specific reseller or agent who receives the email regarding the order and shares the same geographic area as the customer. Selecting an agent or a reseller greatly simplifies order management, as they are both involved in the Combilift network, are aligned with corporate procedures, and represent the closest point of reference to the customer;
  3. The "shipping address management" feature has been configurated: this feature made it possible to associate multiple shipping addresses to a single customer code. Now, during the purchase or order fulfillment, the chosen shipping address can be selected, thus streamlining the shipment of items.
Thanks to all these aspects, on the one hand, the company has optimized its spare parts management, and on the other hand, the spare parts purchasing process is no longer perceived as a tedious and complex action, but end customers can easily and quickly place orders as if they were buying an item on a B2C e-commerce.  

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