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Honey Bee Manufacturing

Honey Bee Manufacturing is a pioneering Canadian company with a 50-year track record of international excellence in designing and manufacturing agricultural equipment.
Honey Bee Manufacturing is a family-owned business founded in 1979 by the Honey brothers and their wives. At the time, their farming needs weren't met by available equipment, so they took matters into their own hands and built their own solutions.
Since then, Honey Bee Manufacturing has evolved into a prominent manufacturing company, powered by a dedicated focus on research and product development. Their foremost objective is crafting equipment that farmers are proud to own and recognized for its exceptional productivity and efficiency.
The company is renowned worldwide for producing high-quality combine and swather headers, which have gained a global reputation for their exceptional quality. To enhance their after-sales services, with a specific focus on spare parts, Honey Bee collaborated with Components Engine.
Final users can now easily reach the online spare parts portal directly from the company website. With the assistance of Components Engine, Honey Bee swiftly transformed their PDF spare parts catalogs into interactive versions accessible online 24/7.
Moreover, through the Components Engine's connector, the spare parts portal will be seamlessly integrated with Honey Bee's internal ERP systems. This integration will include the Single Sign-On feature, which provides all users with unified access credentials, eliminating the need for repetitive authentication.
Components Engine works closely with its clients, turning their ideas into reality and surpassing expectations. Thanks to our experienced technicians, Honey Bee's project became a reality, providing their customers with an unmatched user experience.

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