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Meet the experts of Components Engine Academy: what is the best way to generate exploded drawings?
Among the most frequently asked questions within the after-sales community was: What’s the most efficient way to create 2D exploded drawings from a 3D model?
To address this, we interviewed Riccardo, a skilled 3D technician from the Components Engine Academy.
Riccardo explained the process of generating 2D exploded views to create an interactive spare parts catalog that offers optimal visualization and provides users with a seamless browsing experience.
Thanks to insights from Riccardo and Elisa, we also learned that companies lacking qualified personnel for generating these drawings don't need to forfeit their 2D spare parts catalog.
Components Engine stands out from the competition by offering an exclusive customized service: the ability to create any type of exploded drawing with the finest visualization, starting from 3D models.
Components Engine always has a solution. If you want to join the Components Engine Academy expert webinars, sign up now through this link!

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