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SMS Elotherm

Decades of know-how in the inductive heating and heat treatment of metals make SMS Elotherm a leader in the world of induction.
SMS group is a group of companies internationally active in plant construction and mechanical engineering for the steel and nonferrous metals industry.
SMS Elotherm applies its technical expertise to create innovative, pioneering solutions for its customers. This is made possible through the company's continuous development, in-depth know-how, and decades of experience in industrial heating and heat treatment of metals using induction technology.
Prior to installation in the customer's plant, Elotherm technology undergoes thorough testing. The company provides comprehensive support and guidance to the customer from system setup to full realization. With prompt and constant customer assistance and training on machine operation, SMS Elotherm ensures swift implementation of the plant.
The company’s pilot plant and test laboratory enable them to validate new own products and technologies before they are launched on the market, thus ensuring that customers are always guaranteed the high quality of our products. The corporate values that uphold the brand's reputation are:
  • Focus on customers, tailoring personalized and efficient solutions to meet their needs;
  • Continuous innovation in products, processes, and services, aiming for better results while promoting savings and sustainability;
  • Reliability of the systems, always ensuring strict adherence to safety parameters;
  • Pursuit of the highest quality in all production processes, striving to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations;
  • Emphasis on eco-friendly production processes and sustainable materials.
SMS Elotherm's dedication to being a leader in the technological market for induction applications led to the adoption of Components Engine's solution for their after-sales service. Digitizing their spare parts catalog increased customer satisfaction, as the interactive online platform enables customers to independently search for and purchase spare parts.
Investing in a modern and cutting-edge after-sales solution sets a company apart from its competitors and fosters customer loyalty. Optimized and efficient service to end-users results in increased orders and volume, ultimately leading to higher profits for the company.

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