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Velma s.r.l. Pastaline

Velma is a company specializing in precision electromechanical machining. For the past 20 years, it has been manufacturing precision equipment for the pizza and confectionery industry.
Velma srl was established back in 1992 as a company specializing in precision electromechanical manufacturing. In 2000, the company expanded its production by creating an advanced in-house design department, focusing on manufacturing pizzeria equipment under the Pastaline brand.
In 2008, the company began designing and developing a new product line for the confectionery industry, namely equipment for processing and decorating chocolate fondant. The Pastaline product range includes dough dividers, rounders, dough rollers, and sheeters, allowing users to perform a wide range of operations.
Due to the success of its pastry and pizza products, the brand decided to invest in after-sales service as well. It now provides its customers with an interactive online platform for ordering spare parts, which was developed in collaboration with Components Engine.
For Velma, it is important to offer products that are safe, reliable, and essential for routine tasks, while also being user-friendly. Every machine they manufacture is the result of continuous innovation to ensure ease of use, affordability, and compactness while minimizing maintenance requirements. Prompt maintenance support is always provided to customers.
The spare parts catalog adds extra value to the Velma brand, reflecting its values of quality and simplicity. It offers a cutting-edge after-sales service that aims to satisfy and assist customers in finding and purchasing spare parts for their equipment.
Components Engine's goal is to meet the needs of companies looking to optimize their after-sales service by digitizing spare parts catalogs, both 2D and 3D, and providing modern solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

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