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Components Engine’s Superheroes

The Discounts: the last, but not least, Superhero of Components Engine!
We've introduced you to the entire team of After-Sales Superheroes - namely, all those features that back Components Engine to provide companies with the most efficient spare parts management!
Components Engine’s Superpowers are endless, but we have introduced you to the most important ones. The last hero in the series is the one in charge of discounts, which can be applied to your products and customers in the spare parts catalog.
Discounts are beneficial not only for e-commerce but also for an online spare parts portal, as they facilitate and entice customers to buy, thus ensuring an increase in orders.
In general, the Superpower of discounts in addition to optimizing your sales, also leads to:
  • Acquire new customers, attracted by your advantageous prices;
  • Build loyalty among your customers, who will see savings opportunities as privileges;
  • Clear your inventory and update your product range.
Components Engine offers you different ways of applying discounts in your spare parts e-commerce, differentiating them, for example:
  • By user: each customer, or group of users, after login in with their credentials, will find discounts exclusively dedicated to them;
  • By total order amount: you can establish a minimum price ceiling above which the discount is applied;
  • By item type: to boost the sale of certain items or kits of products that must generally be purchased together.
The Discount Superhero then promotes after-sales success by increasing your customers' satisfaction and enticing them to order items from your interactive catalog. The result? Increased business revenue.
Components Engine and its valiant team fight tirelessly to ensure your triumph, differentiate you from the competition, and meet the needs of your customers. As specialists in their work, they study a tailor-made solution for each company and aim to meet every requirement for top-level after-sales service.

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