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The Norwegian company Øveraasen has been developing and manufacturing snow clearing equipment for over 80 years.
In 1908, Hans and Even Øveraasen founded the family business, and from that time on they continued to use their own resources exclusively for the design and development of snow clearing equipment. Today, Øveraasen is in a leading position in this small, highly specialised niche market.
Since the early 1900s, the Norwegian brand has been involved in the development and production of snow ploughs, snowblowers and slope sweepers. The company provides snow clearing equipment adapted to the needs and requirements of each customer, who has different needs depending on the climatic area and weather conditions in which they have to operate.
Øveraasen's customers have high demands on the quality, performance, reliability, efficiency and service-friendliness of snow clearing equipment: it is the only way to ensure safe winter clearing operations at airports, on railways and roads, whatever the weather. Therefore, Øveraasen's goal is to constantly improve its performance.
When it comes to snow removal, customers expect the highest level of expertise from the brand, which is why it invests considerable sums in the research and development department every year. The focus of engineers and designers today is on the growing need for high-performance snow removal equipment with the highest degree of safety.
The growing demand from airports for snow removal operations can only be met by modern and efficient equipment, characterised by extreme attention to detail. Unlike most other snow clearing equipment, Øveraasen produces equipment that can be used in combination with different types of transport vehicles, which can be removed and mounted with great ease: these modular systems offer great flexibility in the application of snowploughs, and are an advantageous solution both economically and in terms of practicality.
This extreme focus on customer needs has led the brand to rely on Components Engine, which has provided it with the best solution to give its customers an efficient and functional means of purchasing the spare parts they need. The interactive online catalogue is the best tool for customers to consult, search and order part numbers and parts for their machines, intuitively and minimising the margin of error in order processing.

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