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Rovic Leers

A cutting-edge 3D catalog perfectly suited for a globally recognized company such as Rovic Leers.
Established in Cape Town in 1927, Rovic Leers has been a key player in designing and manufacturing globally recognized, high-quality agricultural machinery.
This South African brand has chosen Components Engine to revolutionize its after-sales management by introducing a 3D digital catalog for its machinery.
The online portal, directly accessible from Rovic Leers' website, brings together models of their agricultural products.
Customers can explore these models in detail through an interactive platform that provides an advanced browsing experience. Users can rotate, zoom, isolate, and realistically explore each component.
The user-friendly design of the catalog significantly minimizes the chances of errors when selecting spare parts, which can be added to the cart with a single click.
Furthermore, Rovic Leers' 3D portal updates in real-time, providing comprehensive information and ensuring accessibility from any device and location worldwide.
The partnership with Components Engine has resulted in streamlined after-sales services, emphasizing a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.
Rovic Leers' forward-looking move highlights that digitalization and 3D visualization are the future of after-sales!

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