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New Components Engine functionalities are now available, some of them might be suitable to fit your needs.


  NEWS!!! U3D file Import Add-in: to manage U3D files and display them online and on mobile devices without installing any Viewer;

NEWS!!! Manage stock availability and pricing information: to keep stock availability and pricing information up-to-date.

We recommend the following features to make your parts catalogue compliant with the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679):

  • Https certificate: to encrypt data exchanged between client and server and ensure that third parties will not be able to read, enter or modify the contents;
  • New User Registration Form: to activate an area where potential customers can fill out a form to request the catalogue access. Once registered, the users can safely modify and/or update their personal information in respect of privacy law;
  • SSO (Single Sign-On): to enable catalogue users to log into your web site and then access to the catalogue information without entering their credentials again.
To improve the management of spare parts orders you can implement the following functionalities:
  • Customer Order History Add-in: to enable all users to view a list of previously placed orders;
  • Quick order feature: this feature enables you to activate a text box in the “Shopping Carta Area” in order to allow the catalogue users to manually enter a part number or to upload a text file which contains a list of part numbers with the relative quantity;
  • Additional order recipient: this feature allows the catalogue users to send the order e-mail to either your company and an additional e-mail address;
  • Additional delivery address: during the order check-out process the catalogue users can select the goods destination from a drop down list;
  • e-Commerce integration: to enable catalogue users to directly add the selected items to the company’s web shop.
And then the “evergreen”:
  • Mobile devices Pubblication Add-in: it enables you to create a single online publication for both PC and Tablet-based browsing (iOS, Android and Windows). The catalogue layout will be automatically optimized for the browsing device used;
  • Alternative codes management: this feature enables you to automatically inform catalogue users of alternative part numbers to the selected one;
  • Kit Management Add-in: it enables you to handle either Kits and Parent Kits.
    Kits: the single spare parts included in a kit may also be purchased separately. Parent Kits: the spare parts included in a kit may not be purchased singly. Parent Kit parts may only be purchased as a complete Parent Kit;
  • Replacement Components Add-in: it enables your customers that an obsolete code has been replaced by a new code, and therefore is no longer available for order. Your customers will be required to order the new replacement code;
  • Automatic PDF Creation Add-in: it enables you to automatically create Print Extension pages in PDF format and to use them for offline and web catalogue Printing;
  • Spare Parts Index Add-in: to create an index containing all spare parts in the hardcopy catalogue.

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