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AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH

AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH interactive parts catalog is now available online. AAT produces stair climbing systems and add-on engines in the field of rehabilitation and transportation technology.
Sell parts over the web has never been so easy and quick! Components Engine can meet all the requirements related to the spare parts management.
There are two ways to import drawings and parts lists into the Editor:
  1. Save in a folder the drawings and the parts lists files with the same name: in this way the Editor can link each drawing with the corresponding parts list;
  2. Import a multi-level bill of material: in this way the Editor can link each drawing with the corresponding parts list and automatically create the parts catalog hierarchy.
Besides Components Engine can create parts catalogs that can be navigated from any browser (Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc…) and mobile device (smartphone, tablet, Android and iOS).
Once the items have been added to the cart of the digital parts catalog, the customer can fill out the parts order form with the necessary information to send it.
The system generates two emails: the first will be sent to the user as a reminder of the order he has placed on the system to sell parts online while the second email will be sent to the company that will fulfill the  parts orders following the process of the ERP system.
Have a look at AAT parts catalog!

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