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Elgi Compressors USA

Elgi Compressors is one of the most important global manufacturers of air compressors. The Elgi North America's parts catalog generated through the Components Engine software is now available online from any device.
Elgi Compressors has outsourced the catalog creation to Components Engine to sell its spare parts over the web. 

The parts catalog creation service of Components Engine allows you to:
  • DELEGATE and FREE UP your resources so they can focus on core activities;
  • SAVE valuable TIME to train internal resources who will be able to focus on more important tasks, such as the growth of other business areas;
  • REDUCE COSTS for hiring experienced technicians and for the technology required to create the interactive spare parts catalog of your products;
  • INCREASE EFFICIENCY by relying on Components Engine, a company with over 20 years of experience in this field and more than 500 customers;
  • ACQUIRE EXPERIENCE, as you will have the chance to work with a group of specialists that can give you useful tips to improve the entire parts sales process;
  • SPEED UP the offering process as the parts catalog will be available online in a very short time.
Elgi's parts catalog is now available on the company's web site:

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