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It's raining discounts in November at Components Engine! In November Order History and Quick Order Add-ons have a special price!

You can buy the Order History Add-in for EUR 700 instead of EUR 1.500,00!!!

You can buy the Quick Order Add-in for EUR 500 instead of EUR 1.000,00!!!

And if you buy both, you save more!

Order History Add-in + Quick Order Add-in for a cost of EUR 1.000,00!!!

Order History and Quick Order Add-ons are two of the most requested Components Engine functionalities and during the month of November you can buy them individually or both with a discount you have never seen before!
What do these functionalities enable you to do?
  • The Order History Add-in enables catalogue users to view past order details and re-order the same items or remove/add items to the shopping cart;
  • The Quick Order Add-in enables catalogue users to manually enter a part number and add it to the shopping cart and/or populate the shopping cart by adding items from a text area or by uploading a text file containing the list of the items to order.
HURRY UP!! Only a few days left!
This offer expires at the end of November.
For further information, please, contact-us!

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