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Making your spare parts catalogue GDPR compliant is cheaper in September! Only during the month of September you can buy the GDPR Bundle for a cost of 1.000 € instead of 1.650 €.


The GDPR Bundle allows you to make your spare parts catalogue compliant with the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679) and includes:
  • Https certificate: to encrypt data exchanged between client and server and ensure that third parties will not be able to read, enter or modify the contents;
  • New User Registration Form: to activate an area where potential customers can fill out a form to request the catalogue access and choose an encrypted password. Once registered, the users can safely modify and/or update their personal information in respect of privacy law.
HURRY UP!! Only a few days left!
This offer expires at the end of September.
For further information, please contact us!

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