Successful cases: a list of companies that have adopted Components Engine
for managing their spare parts catalogues.

Koch-Pac Systeme GmbH
Packaging solutions.
Sicma S.p.A.
Tillers, flails, diggers, mowers, chippers and pellet mills.
ROLAND DG Corporation
Color Graphics/Signmaking Devices, Vinyl Sign Cutters, Engraving/Routing Systems, Prototyping/Modeling Machines, 3D Scanners, Metal Printer.
Krautzberger GmbH
Spray guns, pressurized containers, lifting devices all the way to complete systems.
Gianni Ferrari S.r.l.
Professional gardening equipment
Case study
Automac S.p.a.
Machinery for packaging fresh food products.
Case study
Maier Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG
Tool cutting machinery
Mascar S.p.A.
Round balers; bale wrappers; mechanical and pneumatic seed drills.
Turbosol Produzione S.p.A.
Pump technology for the construction industry.
PANAV, a.s.
Semitrailers and trailers.