CE Plus: E-Commerce

The term E-Commerce refers to all transactions and services for the marketing of goods between producer and consumer, carried out through the Internet.
Once they decide to adopt an interactive parts catalog, companies not only need to sell parts online but they also want to have an E-Commerce section, possibly with a unique platform.
To meet this need, the Components Engine team, has created the new Components Engine Plus platform, which, along with other modules, also includes an E-Commerce area.
Thanks to this section, the company can sell consumables, finished products and gadgets directly in a special section of the parts catalog, making customer navigation easy and intuitive.
Components Engine Plus also allows you to activate the image carousel widget.
Through the carousel, images can be displayed side by side by simply scrolling or clicking on the left-right arrows on the desktop. This type of design makes the product more appealing and drives customers to buy, thanks to a cutting edge, captivating and user-friendly layout.
In addition, Components Engine Plus is a highly flexible platform that can be easily configured and integrated with the information systems of your company. To learn more about Components Engine Connectors, click here to read the dedicated article.
Uno dei trend che sta interessando il mondo del B2B, per l’automazione industriale la tecnologia, è quello di non vendere più la propria soluzione o il proprio prodotto al cliente ma di vendere un progetto.
Components Engine Plus is the documentation portal for managing news, documents and any information related to after-sales.
One of the most common problems that manufacturing companies face is the one of not being able to manage communication with their dealers and service centers.
Managing replacement codes is one of the daily challenges of a company’s after-sales department. With an interactive spare parts catalog this procedure gets easier and faster, in fact, it enables you to correct obsolete codes and replace them with new o
With the Advanced Online Print of Components Engine Plus, you can print your spare parts catalog on the web with the aim to have consistent, unique and constantly updated information even on paper.
One of the basic tasks of customer service is to give an effective (for the customer) and efficient (for the employer) response to their customer's requests for information or support.