Registering a serial number has never been easier!

Do you need to assign a service ticket to a technician, but just the idea of registering a product's serial number drives you crazy? We admit that it can be a long and time-consuming process if you don’t adopt the appropriate tool.
Components Engine Claims is the platform to manage maintenance and warranty interventions that allows you to register your product and assign a service ticket to technicians quickly and easily.

But let's start from the beginning, what do we mean by service ticket?

A ticket is a request that a customer makes when facing an issue on a purchased product; in other words, it is the need to carry out one or more service interventions on a product because it is damaged, defective, or broken.
This tool gives you the ability to handle customer claims promptly, thus increasing customer satisfaction, allowing the company to improve operational efficiency and reduce waste of time.
A ticket, then, is followed by the generation of one or more tasks that are scheduled and assigned to a technician.

Registering a serial number, how?

With the new intuitive dashboards and reports that can be configured as needed, the administrator can register the serial number and associate it with the relevant technician, view all the interventions done on a product at any time, check the progress, mean time to repair, and costs of the interventions carried out. All this in a single online portal, with the advantage of reducing paper use, avoiding data entry, and improving the overview on product history.
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