The Evolution of the After-Sales Service – Plus

Components Engine Plus, the web platform for technical documentation management, is the third step in the evolution of the aftersales service.
Thanks to the user-friendly interface and the ability to consult a constantly updated portal where dedicated documents are properly organized and available 24/7 from any device, the exchange of information, documents, and news between the company, customers, dealers, maintainers, and technicians is greatly simplified.
Contracts, forms to be submitted to clients and suppliers, manuals, procedural instructions, and video tutorials are immediately available with a simple click, anywhere and anytime.
Components Engine Plus includes the following modules:
  • Advanced online printing: to print the parts catalog of a complete model directly online;
  • E-Commerce: to sell finished products and consumable gadgets with a modern and innovative graphic layout;
  • News: to consult and create news directly on the spare parts portal;
  • Order history area: to view the list of all orders placed by a customer and eventually add to the cart the same spare parts previously ordered, without looking for them in the catalog;
  • Form: to give your customers the opportunity to send a request for information without opening your company's website or their e-mail program.
Why you should choose it:
  • Simple and intuitive interface: thanks to its user-friendly and very practical interface, Components Engine Plus is designed to be easily used by all operators, regardless of their technical skills.
  • Fast document retrieval: Components Engine Plus makes it easy and fast to track down archived documents and make them available in real time. Any document, in any format, can be uploaded into Components Engine Plus and, thanks to metadata (title, format, type, date, code, etc.), they can be found easily and quickly.
  • Information security: Components Engine Plus enables allowed users to view each document in a secure way. In fact, viewing, editing, and deleting documents is allowed on the basis of a rights management system, which can belong to the individual user or to groups of users and are related to a single document or to a "document type".
  • Flexibility: Components Engine Plus consists of several modules that can be added at different times as needed. This feature enables companies to spread the investment over time and gradually choose which modules and features to activate and configure.
  • Cutting-edge development: Components Engine Plus is extremely flexible and configurable. In fact, it can be seamlessly integrated with the systems already in place in your company.
Main features:
  • Registration: With just a few clicks, users can register a document and through a special tab they can assign a protocol number, a title/object, a description, and a custom classification to each document.
  • Publication: With Components Engine Plus you can automatically publish document sheets according to predefined settings. To ensure the highest protection of the published documents, it is possible to associate specific visibility rules with each user group.
  • Search: A powerful search engine will enable you to look for documents by using metadata or dynamic filters (e.g., view documents within a given time frame). All the archived files are immediately traceable and accessible also on smartphones and tablets.
  • Distribution: Documents can be shared with users inside and outside the company through automatic email notification systems, which are sent to specific users or to automatic distribution lists.
With a team of professionals working tirelessly to seek new solutions and meet even the most demanding requirements, the evolution of the after-sales service will never stop!
Components Engine Claims, the portal for managing maintenance and warranty claims, is the fourth step to run up the ladder of evolution of the after-sales service.
Components Engine Plus, the web platform for technical documentation management, is the third step in the evolution of the aftersales service.
The 3D parts catalog is the second step in the evolution of the aftersales service, it saves the company a lot of time, as exploded drawings of each product are no longer needed.
The 2D parts catalog is a vital tool for customers who want to order parts easily, conveniently, and quickly and to reduce machine downtime.
Every e-commerce service must provide a simple, fast and customized user management system, so that the company can diversify accesses to its online store.