Sales Network management

In order to offer a complete service that optimizes after-sales activities, Components Engine has included within its solutions the Sales Network Management, which is integrated with the spare parts catalog.

Managing the sales network means being able to send orders placed on the online spare parts catalog directly to the relevant agents.
At the same time, the company will receive a copy of all the orders, performing control activities and reducing errors and order processing time.
Components Engine has identified 3 configurable methods to activate the sales network in the online catalog:
  • By geographic area.
  • By referring agent.
  • By agent chosen directly by the user.
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With a team of professionals working tirelessly to seek new solutions and meet even the most demanding requirements, the evolution of the after-sales service will never stop!
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Every e-commerce service must provide a simple, fast and customized user management system, so that the company can diversify accesses to its online store.