Components Engine’s connectors: SSO Connector

Integration Landscape is the turnkey service of Components Engine for integrating your company’s information systems (ERP, CRM, and e-commerce) into the online parts catalog. This way, data management and sharing will be incredibly more immediate and efficient, and the information will always be uniform, up-to-date and correct. Components Engine's connectors that enable such integration are: SSO Connector, E-COMMERCE Connector and PARTS LIST Connector.
Authentication with SSO
SSO Connector is an authentication process that allows to access the online parts catalog with the same credentials used to access the reserved area of the company’s website. Thus, this system has a dual benefit: on the one hand, it provides a better user experience, as customers will no longer have to keep in mind different credentials, which speeds up the authentication process, and on the other hand, it makes the job of your IT staff easier, since they don’t have to provide assistance to users who do not remember their credentials.
But how does authentication via single sign-on take place?
Authentication with SSO takes place via API (Application Programming Interface). This is a web interface that connects the company website and the parts catalog through an exchange of tokens - codes that are used to authenticate the user. Let's see how the communication works:
  • The customer accesses the reserved area of the company’s website;
  • The company’s website redirects the user to the online parts catalog;
  • The catalog "calls" the authentication service to verify the user's identity;
  • Once the authentication service has confirmed it, the catalog verifies the data and shows the user only the information he can access to.
Furthermore, the SSO Connector takes the user's privacy into account, as personal data are no longer stored in a database, but in a temporary session.
Components Engine is equipped with all the services you need to optimize your after-sales management and cares about your customers' satisfaction. Click here to discover all our connectors in our dedicated article, or visit our web page.
With a team of professionals working tirelessly to seek new solutions and meet even the most demanding requirements, the evolution of the after-sales service will never stop!
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