CE Plus: Form

One of the basic tasks of customer service is to give an effective (for the customer) and efficient (for the employer) response to their customer's requests for information or support.
An effective response is when customers get the correct information; an efficient response is when the information is provided in the shortest possible time and using the least amount of human resources.  In many companies this service doesn’t work properly because they are unable to provide their customers with the proper tools.
That’s why customers call you incessantly and as well as clog the after-sales phone lines, you waste a lot of time, as the information provided to the customer is often incomplete and wrong.
Components Engine Plus helps you optimize your after-sales management and communication with your customers with its new Form.
For any inquiries, concerns, or problems that customers may encounter while navigating your after-sales portal created with Components Engine, they have the option to contact you by submitting a request for information with no need to open your company's website or the-mail program. Your after-sales department receives a request containing all the necessary fields necessary to quickly and correctly fulfil your customer's request.
Besides, the form’s fields will be filled in automatically for logged users, reducing the possibility of errors with the aim to speed up the process and keep a more immediate communication with your customers.
Components Engine Plus streamlines your after-sales management and increases the level of your customers satisfaction, as they will be even more satisfied to access to the technical documentation of their purchased products within a single after-sales portal. Click here to read the dedicated article!
Uno dei trend che sta interessando il mondo del B2B, per l’automazione industriale la tecnologia, è quello di non vendere più la propria soluzione o il proprio prodotto al cliente ma di vendere un progetto.
Components Engine Plus is the innovative web platform for centralizing, organizing and sharing technical documentation.
Having a well-developed spare parts catalog allows the customer to not only identify the part he needs promptly but also to check the available quantity.
Companies' spare parts catalogs are not always easy and intuitive to consult and for this reason the after-sales department is often overwhelmed with phone calls to assist customers who prefer calling rather than ordering online what they need.
With the Advanced Online Print of Components Engine Plus, you can print your spare parts catalog on the web with the aim to have consistent, unique and constantly updated information even on paper.
When adopting an interactive parts catalog, it is important to provide efficient and prompt after-sales service.