Managing the processes needed to grow a rapidly expanding business requires a great deal of resources, time and money.
Do you need to assign a service ticket to a technician, but just the idea of registering a product's serial number drives you crazy?
One of the most common problems that manufacturing companies face is the one of not being able to manage communication with their dealers and service centers.
Having an online parts catalog that is interactive is what has traditionally been called a "must-have". There are several reasons for that and we will look at some of them in this article:
One of the basic tasks of customer service is to give an effective (for the customer) and efficient (for the employer) response to their customer's requests for information or support.
When adopting an interactive parts catalog, it is important to provide efficient and prompt after-sales service.
The term E-Commerce refers to all transactions and services for the marketing of goods between producer and consumer, carried out through the Internet.
With the Advanced Online Print of Components Engine Plus, you can print your spare parts catalog on the web with the aim to have consistent, unique and constantly updated information even on paper.
We are sure that most of you struggle with getting your business processes or systems to work together. We are not surprised. There is an essential requirement when digitizing the processes of your business.
Companies' spare parts catalogs are not always easy and intuitive to consult and for this reason the after-sales department is often overwhelmed with phone calls to assist customers who prefer calling rather than ordering online what they need.
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