We are sure that most of you struggle with getting your business processes or systems to work together. We are not surprised. There is an essential requirement when digitizing the processes of your business.
Companies' spare parts catalogs are not always easy and intuitive to consult and for this reason the after-sales department is often overwhelmed with phone calls to assist customers who prefer calling rather than ordering online what they need.
Components Engine Plus is the documentation portal for managing news, documents and any information related to after-sales.
Having a well-developed spare parts catalog allows the customer to not only identify the part he needs promptly but also to check the available quantity.
Choosing the image to use for your parts catalog is everything. The image plays a key role in the creation of a user-friendly and eye-catching catalog.
Components Engine Plus is the innovative web platform for centralizing, organizing and sharing technical documentation.
Managing replacement codes is one of the daily challenges of a company’s after-sales department. With an interactive spare parts catalog this procedure gets easier and faster, in fact, it enables you to correct obsolete codes and replace them w ...
Uno dei trend che sta interessando il mondo del B2B, per l’automazione industriale la tecnologia, è quello di non vendere più la propria soluzione o il proprio prodotto al cliente ma di vendere un progetto.
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