Components Engine Plus
With Components Engine Plus, you can share news, documents and all kinds of after-sales information with different types of users on a single portal.
Components Engine Plus is a user-friendly platform that brings together information and documents in a single user interface, tailored to the user who is browsing. Internal staff, end customers, technicians and dealers will have access to dedicated areas where they can consult the latest news, technical and commercial documentation, graphics and any other information relevant to them.
The company has access to a simple tool that allows it to share data from different sources on a single digital platform. in addition to being able to profile information and documentation according to user group, it is possible to implement many other filters, such as language, market, format, type, etc...
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Components Engine Plus advantages and benefits:
  • Process optimization: the company can make all the information and documents that usually reside on different systems and in different production locations available to its sales network in a single environment.
  • Superior customer experience: customers can access a web area where they can interact with the company in a guided and simplified way, thanks to the chat system and the information request form.
  • Authentication and profile management: users can log in, manage their profile and their data in full compliance with the latest privacy regulations.
  • Modular and versatile structure: depending on the needs of the company, tailor-made modules can be implemented to optimize after-sales management.
  • Security and data protection: a high level of IT security ensures that the information managed is protected against attacks from outside.
  • Data synchronization: it is possible to have a real-time update of data and documents coming from other systems used by the company (management, ERP, etc.).
View a demo catalogue created with Components Engine.
Components Engine allows you to create 3D interactive parts catalogs. View our online demo.
Components Engine online seminars provide an introduction to the features included in Components Engine. Check if new online seminars are available.
Components Engine is currently used by over 500 companies worldwide. View our customers list.
Digital Sharing
Digital Sharing is just days away! Don't miss out on the free event dedicated to after-sales service and servitization, taking place on May 15th at Rocca Sveva.
Digital Sharing
Enrico Cattaneo, editor-in-chief at MIT Technology Review Italy and Director of Advisory for Italy & Central Europe at Opinno, will be speaking at the Digital Sharing event.
Office closure
We’d like to inform you that Components Engine offices will be closed on Wednesday, May 1st for Labor Day.
Digital Sharing
We are excited to introduce the after-sales experts who will take part in the Digital Sharing Event on May 15th at Rocca Sveva.